Improvement of small ruminants productivity in Great Jumhuriya

Published on 30 November 2010

Research Areas



Start Date: 1 January 2009 | End Date: 31 December 2013


1) Enhance ARC’s capacity and relations with regional and international centers to be on a par with advanced research institutions

2) Enable ARC to benefit through ICARDA from experiences at other CGIAR Centers in priority areas for AI-Jamahirya

3) Enhance the cooperation between ARC and ICARDA in the area of sustainable agricultural development for food security in AI-Jamahirya.

Research Partners

  • ARI - Advanced Research Institute
  • ARC

2 Responses to “Improvement of small ruminants productivity in Great Jumhuriya”

  1. Zabron Nziku says:

    I livestock researcher, Government employee, we wish to work in collaboration with your esteemed organization in livestock area.

    • Barbara Rischkowsky says:

      Dear Zabron,
      Thanks for your interest in our work. We are interested to collaboarte with national researchers provided that there are common research areas and the proposed collaboaration is within our mandate.
      Thus, send me some information on your institute and your interests to my email address at ICARDA (
      Best regards

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