Implementing the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture Project Activities in Kenya and Tanzania

Published on 9 May 2013

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Start Date: 30 September 2012 | End Date: 31 October 2014


The main goal of the overage Mitigation of Climate Change (MICCA) Project is to facilitate developing countries in contributing to the mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture and moving towards low carbon emission agriculture.

Project Activities include:

1) Analyze sociology-economic and biophysical data with households implementing climate smart practices based on the menu of practices.

2) Continue to build capacity of farmers and farmer groups and development and extension practitioners for increased crop-livestock-tree productivity using climate smart practices through farming and demonstration sites.

3) Measure progress in ecosystem characteristics monitoring changes using the Land Health Surveillance Framework and employing Greenhouse Gas Flux measurements

Expected outputs

1) Increased capacity development and implementation of climate smart agricultural practice for increased sustainable crop productivity;

2) Increased productivity and land health (including biological diversity and risks to water quality and quantity)

3) Measurement and monitoring to access carbon stocks and net emissions within farming systems and landscapes



3 Responses to “Implementing the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture Project Activities in Kenya and Tanzania”

  1. Kate Hanrahan says:

    Are you taking on volunteers at all? I am very interested in helping out with this case study. I am a current Masters of Environmental Science student at Trinity College in Dublin and would love the opportunity to assist your team in conjuction with carrying out my own (well planned out) research on just one aspect for my thesis. Thanks!

  2. Felix Mesa says:

    Hallo, I am interested in joining your team, I have worked with the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) and have first hand skills that will help in the project even if it will be as an intern. Please advice where I can make an application.

  3. Horace Owiti says:

    I am interested in joining your team.I have a postgraduate degree in business and interested in research.I have written many different types of research and i believe i am capable.How do i join your group?

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