Published on 10 November 2010

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Start Date: 6 September 2010 | End Date: 5 September 2011


According to the needs of each area, this project will undertake the following activities with community groups in lower and Middle Nyando Blocs.
1. Setting up tree nurseries with a planned production of 30,000 seedlings for four (4) groups each in 2010.
2. Rehabilitation of small gullies and surrounding degraded areas through tree planting and zerograzing.
3. Agroforestry and coffee production -introducing ‘shade’ trees in the coffee farms in the upper portions of the river basins.
4. Assessing Soil and Water (S&W) conservation measures and rehabilitating existing structures with special emphasis on indigenous trees.
5. Implementing soil and water conservation in areas with no previous activities and which are at high risk for erosion. We will target the mid- and foot-slopes through contour planting. Preferred species should be improved fallows such as Sesbania sesban and Gliricidia sepium.
6. Large scale tree planting on slopes.
7. River bank protection and promotion of indigenous species to plant along the river banks.
8. Integration of fodder banks in S&W conservation.

Using questionnares, this project will obtain qualitative and quantitative data on farmer perceptions of the interventions. This exercise will explore the expectations of the planned interventions as well as try to understand what they would be willing to pay for the interventions. At the end of the two year period, this project will look at a similar set of questions to evaluate the changes in farmer perceptions and their willingness to pay. The expectation is that the value of the interventions can be estimated which is necessary for upscaling and turning them sustainable (from a business perspectIve).


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  1. emelda miyanda hachoofwe says:

    Is there a possibility of student involvement on this project am an Agroforestry student who is interested in understanding farmers perceptions about agroforestry.

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