Going to Scale: Enhancing the Adaptive Management Capacities for Sustainable Land Management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa

Published on 21 January 2010

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Start Date: 16 March 2009 | End Date: 15 March 2013


The overall objective of the Project is to scale up integrated natural resources management innovations for sustainable agricultural productivity and food security in the highlands of Eastern Africa.The specific objectives of the project are as follows.1. To identify and promote appropriate strategies to accelerate uptake of pilot tested integrated natural resources management innovations and provide an evidence-based framework for their effective scaling up.

2. To develop partnership mechanisms for linking grassroots planning with district level decision making and policy implementation for landscape level adoption and impact of integrated natural resources management innovations.

3. To provide insights for evidence-based policy options that address key barriers and opportunities for wide scale adoption of integrated natural resources management innovations in the selected districts.

4. To develop,implement and evaluate a systematic strategy for devolution of structures and action research responsibilities to national partners in the selected countries.

5. To promote and adapt iterative knowledge management and communication systems needed for scaling out and up sustainable land management innovations.

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