Ghana Dams Dialogue III – National Public Policy Support for Sustainable Dam Development in Ghana

Published on 8 March 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2009 | End Date: 31 December 2010


This is a follow up project to the previous project on the Dams Dialogue in Ghana. In view of the fact that the Bui Dam is now under construction and that the impacts of dams are still being played out with issues around the Akosombo dam resettlement still remaining unresolved, there remains a need to pursue the dialogue through continued facilitation of the Ghana Dams Forum. Some key concerns voiced by stakeholders during 2nd Forum meeting to climax the second phase of the dialogue process include having more transparency with regard to dam project development and implementation, more communication between the various stakeholder groups and more attention paid to conducting good research to inform the dialogue process. With the primary aim to build capacities and provide tools for improved decision making on dams related issues which would lead to equitable, transparent, participatory and sustainable development of dams in Ghana, the GTZ has given a grant for the period of two years (1st January, 2009 to 31st December, 2010) to fund the current phase. The phase will be used to bring together representatives of all dam affected communities to share information and increase awareness about resettlement and dam related issues affecting local communities and capacity building; prepare a detailed research paper on the livelihood situation of affected communities and an institutional study to provide guidelines and recommendation towards a policy framework. The National Coordinating Committee will be meeting regularly to steer the program by organizing two fora and two annual conferences to bring together representatives of all dam affected communities and other relevant stakeholders; and also have targeted meetings addressing sustainable dam development, with key players (key ministries and government agencies) who have a major stake in dams planning, construction management and operation.

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