Generating a framework for strategic improvement and adoption of superior dual-purpose (groundnut) cultivars in mixed crop livestock systems in drought prone areas.

Published on 30 November 2010

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Start Date: 1 March 2010 | End Date: 1 September 2011


The purpose of this study is to document and understand the impact, adoption and dissemination of the dual-purpose groundnut variety ICGV 91114 developed by ICRISAT and ILRI, thereby providing lessons for introduction and dissemination of new crop varieties in particular and improved technologies in general. Several aspects of this case make it a unique opportunity for learning. First is that it was the result of inter-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaboration (crops and livestock). Second, dissemination of the same technology occurred in different institutional contexts, which will allow us to test hypotheses about the impacts of institutions on innovation, adoption and impact. Finally, the multiple benefits of the technology – higher pod and fodder yields leading to improved milk yields – will vary between household types and locations as well as between household members, depending on the allocation of resources across households and of responsibilities within households, especially between men and women.


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