EX-ante Assessment of the Striga Threat and Benefits of a Proposed Elimination Programme In East Africa

Published on 25 March 2010

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Start Date: 1 November 2008 | End Date: 31 July 2009


The Goal of PUPP ( Programme to unlock the production potential) is to improve the livelihood of rural poor people through support of sustainably enhanced production and productivity of cereals in Striga infested areas of East Africa.

The main purpose of this assessment will be to examine the nature and extent of the problem posed by Striga infestation in East Africa, to provide the rationale and focus for the associated PUPP initiative. A conceptual framework will be required to link the Striga threat to agricultural productivity, food security, and poverty alleviation. The success of this programme will depend on accelerated uptake of available, viable and affordable technology. This will require building scenarios of how different levels of uptake can be achieved and where, and the resources required to implement the scenarios.

This approach will then be used to examine the future impacts of candidate technologies, e.g., Push-Pull and IR-maize as successful Striga elimination programmes.

The specific objectives, include:

a) Estimate the extent and intensity of Striga problem in East Africa.

b) Estimate cereal crop losses due to Striga threat and their effect on food supply.

c) Assess the impact of Striga problem on household food security and incomes.

d) Conduct a feasibility analysis of available Striga control technologies in different agro
ecological zones in East Africa.

e) Conduct an economic analysis to predict the likelihood and impact of adoption of

candidate technologies across the study region.

f) Assess investment needs/options by farmers and institutions for adoption and scaling-up
of main Striga control technologies.

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3 Responses to “EX-ante Assessment of the Striga Threat and Benefits of a Proposed Elimination Programme In East Africa”

  1. 1. What were the main results of the study?
    2. Kindly share with us the main the final report of the study.

  2. Alice Murage says:

    Can I get a copy of the ex ante report from this study?

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