Evergreen Agriculture for Sustainable Food Production in Malawi

Published on 12 April 2010

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Start Date: 31 January 2009 | End Date: 31 December 2010


The main goal of the pilot project is to support 3000 farmers with the knowledge and skills to practice Evergreen Agriculture by drawing from the best of conservation agriculture and proven agroforestry practices available in Malawi and Southern Africa region. The “Evergreen Agriculture” project (hereafter referred to as “EA Project”) is a pilot to inform the future design and implementation of an effective integrated soil fertility management programme which can transform the agriculture sector into a vibrant, sustainable one in Malawi.The main objective of this pilot project is to demonstrate the potential of Evergreen Agriculture (involving integrating conservation agriculture with agroforestry trees) on food security and the environment, by smallholder Malawian farmers.

The specific objectives are to: (1) Demonstrate pilot up-scaling of integrated soil fertility management by promoting the use practice of Evergreen Agriculture model in three selected districts;

(2) Develop the knowledge base and capacity necessary for supporting future scaling-up of Evergreen Agriculture in the Malawi situation;

(3) Demonstrate the use of Evergreen Agriculture with smallholder farmers, and share relevant technical experiences and lessons learning among stakeholders from pilot sites; and

(4) Document key recommendations that would inform into future investment and programme direction.

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