Evaluation of the project Revitalizing Agricultural Incomes and New Markets (RAIN)

Published on 20 May 2010

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Start Date: 28 October 2009 | End Date: 31 March 2012


The goal of the RAIN project is to protect, promote and diversify livelihoods, as a means of increasing households’ resilience to shocks. The project, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), is being implemented by Mercy Corps and Save the Children UK in the Somali Region and the bordering Oromiya Region in eastern Ethiopia over a three-year period.

The Somali and Oromiya regions have experienced repeated occurrences of extreme weather conditions such as flooding and droughts, and the regions have seen repeated conflicts between Ethiopian government forces and various armed groups. Thus, there have been several emergency and humanitarian interventions in recent years targeting these areas. A unique feature of the RAIN project is that it plans to implement a set of interventions that will move beyond humanitarian assistance towards medium- and long-term interventions to promote local business, trade, and economic development.

The goal of IFPRI’s impact assessment support is to design and implement a difference-in-difference evaluation strategy for woreda-wide household level impact indicators of the RAIN project. The evaluation strategy will integrate the multiplicity of sub-programs and levels of interventions to provide a full understanding of impact of the package of activities against a control group of non-program communities.



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