Enhancing Total Farm Productivity in Smallholder Conservation Agriculture Based Systems in Eastern Africa

Published on 4 July 2011

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Start Date: 1 January 2011 | End Date: 31 December 2012


The goal of this project is to increase the food security and incomes of resource-poor smallholder farmers in eastern Africa through diversified cropping patterns that provide sufficient food and feed from more resilient and sustainable farming systems.

Project objectives are:
(a) Understand the interactions between crops and livestock in target farming communities and identify opportunities to overcome the constraints to farm productivity in maize-based mixed crop-livestock farming systems in eastern Africa;
(b) Develop and demonstrate efficient, lower risk and more productive farming systems based on the principles of conservation agriculture (CA) that combine increased grain production and the production of sufficient animal feed with improved quality;
(e) Explore, evaluate and demonstrate options for the incorporation of trees and shrubs into smallholder CA-based systems through participatory research in target communities;
(d) Evaluate the benefits of more intensive and diverse farming systems based on the principles of CA on farm family food security, income and livelihoods, and on labour requirements, disaggregated by gender and wealth groups;
(e) Disseminate and scale out Subproject II results to farmers, extension agents and researchers through targeted activities and publications; and
(f) Maintain Subproject 11 Subproject 11 titled “Enhancing total farm productivity in smallholder conservation agriculture based systems in eastern Africa” efficiency and dynamism through capacity building and constant monitoring, evaluation, and reorientation of Subproject 11 activities and outputs.


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