Enabling Stakeholders in Moroccan Coastal Management to Develop Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation Policies and Plans

Published on 28 November 2010

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Start Date: 28 March 2007 | End Date: 28 August 2010


The aim of this project is to develop capacity for, and contribute to, policy and decision-making for strategic coastal land use planning and management, to reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities to the impacts of sea level rise, coastal flooding, and extreme weather events. ENFI will implement the project in Morocco, while ICARDA will be the administrator through its regional office in Tunisia. Specific objectives will include the following: 1. An assessment including the vulnerability and socio-economic impact of climate change, which has resulted in rising sea levels, coastal flooding, and extreme weather. 2. The development of adaptation strategies and coastal policy land use guidelines that reduce coastal population vulnerability and optimize the socio-economic and political trade offs for different stakeholders. 3. Capacity development for local stakeholders

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