East Africa Dairy Development Project – Phase 1

Published on 11 September 2010

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Start Date: 15 December 2007 | End Date: 31 December 2011


The East Africa Dairy Development project is a regional industry development program implemented by Heifer International in partnership with ILRI, TechnoServe, the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and the African Breeders Service Total Cattle Management. The project is working in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the goal of this project is to help one million people – 179,000 families living on small 1-5 acre farms – lift themselves out of poverty through more profitable production and marketing of milk.

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6 Responses to “East Africa Dairy Development Project – Phase 1”

  1. Ken Mollo says:

    I have these questions please, I need help with them. We are an organization partnering with Uganda Christian University on agricultural develpoment, both with dairy and crop production.
    We are shopping for dairy cattle to purchase and hence need help with the following questions.
    -Do you supply breeders
    -how do you determine those breeders reputation/credibility
    -can you determine those breeders record of lineage(calving performance/milking performance dam, sire and previous heifers)
    -Progeny examples from other diaries?
    -In case you supply us with dairy cattle, will you replace non-fertile heifers?
    -Is it advisable to buy calves, heifers, bred heifers, or producing cows and why?
    -Are they crossbred or pure bred?
    -Do you have a pulpating specialist who can determine progress?
    -Can he/she test for or show OCV for brucellosis/TB/Mastitis/etc?
    -Can you determine the age or if it has a broken mouth?
    -Do you have a confirmatory mode for the bag, feet, structure etc disposition?
    What determines bull selection?
    -If AI, Calving ease, milk production, conformation etc
    -If natural service(is ist same as above except have the Vet give the bull a breeding soundness test?

    • Dear Ken,

      first, apologies for the late answer. EADD does not sell dairy animals but you may want to contact the following person on breeding question: Augustus Nyerere (augustus.nyerere@eadairyuganda.org) who is based in Kampala

      best regards,

  2. Bekka says:

    I am student in Addis Ababa University, in the department of Animal Production (PhD student); my M.Sc. background is Dairy Sciences and I did finalized all the course work & looking for Grants for my Thesis as a result I need to know if you have PhD research attachment or fellowships or any sort of support where I can get access to fund and best experiences via working with the community.


    • Isabelle says:

      Dear Bekka,

      The project isn’t operational in Ethiopia and we currently don’t have PhD scholarships. However do keep in touch through the ILRI website as opportunities may arise


  3. Am second year masters student at South Eastern Kenya University currently pursuing a course on livestock producing systems.am seeking for a grant to facilitate in data collection in project area in kenya.

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