Crop biofortification of groundnut and pigeonpea for alleviating vitamin A deficiencies in India

Published on 24 April 2011

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Start Date: 21 September 2010 | End Date: 20 September 2013


The ultimate outcome anticipated from this research project is to develop improved varieties of groundnut and pigeonpea having higher levels of ß-carotene without compromising the yield and other agronomic traits related to farmers and consumers acceptance. This long-term sustainable strategy is expected to prevent/control micronutrient malnutrition in a vast population in the developing countries of the world where these crops are grown, including India, where they form a major component of diet as secondary staple. Such strategies are cost-effective, feasible, and can be sustainably implemented under conditions where supplementation and fortification are currently not practical or economically feasible.



4 Responses to “Crop biofortification of groundnut and pigeonpea for alleviating vitamin A deficiencies in India”

  1. Md. Harunur Rashid says:

    I have started such research work for wheat rich in zinc and iron in Bangladesh. How can I get international accolade through such research works? Thanks

  2. sadaiah says:

    bio-fortification for increasing iron and zinc concentration in cereals, millets and legumes like pigeon pea is very much beneficial to fight against malnutrition. but how it is beneficial and economical in crops like groundnut which is an important oil seed crop in India. even if it is targeted in confectionery varieties what is the success rate as in countries like India peanut utilization as confectionery purpose is very less.

  3. grace says:

    Groundnuts is highly consumed and cultivated in South Sudan and malnutrition is very high among children under 5yrs.
    am a masters student and interest in doing Bioforified Vit A groundnuts in management of malnutrition.I need your

  4. gowthami says:

    sir, which groundnut vriety (k-9, TMV-2 and ICGV00351) more response to soil/foliar/both iron or zinc application

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