Coping with climate variability in dryland agriculture; community-based watershed development

Published on 28 April 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2007 | End Date: 1 January 2014


Project Outputs include current yield potential (water limited) for different crops and production constraints in different regions assessed and yield gaps between farmers’ yields and achievable potential yield estimated; constraint for low rainwater use efficiency and low productivity documented and inventory of enhancing rainwater use efficient measures assessed; improved natural resource management options, knowledge sharing systems for improving livelihoods and building resilience and scaling-out the approaches developed and validated; impacts of improving natural resource management  options documented.  Project will provide understanding of the linkage between improving livelihoods, increasing productivity and building the resilience of the community and the natural resources to cope with future challenges due to climate variability; enhance rainwater use efficiency for improving rural livelihoods in the SAT Asia through improved technological, institutional and policy option; assess  the potential of different cropping systems to increase productivity and  the constraints to bridge the existing yield gaps in the farmers fields; assess the impacts of improved natural resource management practices on socio-economic parameters and natural resource use efficiency, including carbon sequestration. 

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