Consultant Services for the Rainfed Agriculture and Livestock Project (RALP).

Published on 30 November 2010

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Start Date: 1 October 2008 | End Date: 1 December 2012


The Section’s primary objective is to strengthen national seed systems by supporting both the formal (public and private) and informal seed sectors (farmer-based seed production) through:- designing alternative informal seed delivery systems for dry areas and for resource poor
farmers to ensure availability and access to varieties and seeds.- supporting the public seed sector to become more effective and competitive and stimulating the private seed sector participation through networking, harmonization of regulations and policies.
– conducting applied and adapted research on seed technology and seed supply to address
seed system constraints
– conducting capacity building for human resources to lead and manage national seed
programs acquiring relevant expertise to meet the challenges of the changing seed industry.
– maintaining and describing varieties and producing quality seed as service to NARS
partners to ensure availability and access to early generation seed of new varieties
r~ in partnership with NARS.

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