Combining administrative, technical and financial resources for the hydrological modeling of watersheds in the Corpoguavio region of Colombia

Published on 13 July 2011

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Start Date: 1 April 2011 | End Date: 30 April 2012


For the purpose of generating knowledge and options for the implementation of environmental payment schemes and compensations in the Corpoguavio region, this project aims to:

  • Construct a database of soils, climate and land use for the watershed of Corpoguavio, for the purpose of hydrological modeling with SWAT.
  • Develop the hydrological baseline for the watersheds that form part of the Corpoguavio jurisdiction using hydrological modeling with SWAT.
  • Calibrate and validate the SWAT model using available depth-measuring data (and where possible, sediments).
  • Prioritize the most important areas for their water yield and for their potential for improving the flow of hydrological environmental services to the jurisdiction.
  • Recommend what type of information should currently be improved in order to strengthen hydrological modeling in the future.
  • Carry out meetings for exchanging experiences between institutions about the design and implementation of financial or economic mechanisms for the provision of environmental services, in order to generate recommendations for decision makers working in the area of study at the national level.

Donor: Patrimonio Natural


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