Cohort Development for HIV Vaccine Trials in Fishing Communities

Published on 27 September 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2008 | End Date: 31 December 2010


This three-year project aims to strengthen long-term capacity for HIV vaccine candidates in Uganda and Malawi thorough development of a network of collaborating organizations in Europe. Project researchers are working to expand and diversify existing high-risk cohorts for study by including fishing communities in Uganda and Malawi. Surveys would help the researchers describe the population for the study and gather data on the populations’ health and sexual behavior. The overall aim is to expand capacity for future trials of HIV vaccines, which, if shown effective, would provide an important tool for HIV/AIDS prevention.

The WorldFish Center would provide technical support in these efforts, help to identify fisher-folk for the study, support social science research capacity building for work in fishing communities, and liaise with fisheries departments and other policy stakeholders.

Uganda Virus Research Institute is the project coordinator

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