Coffee Under Pressure (CUP): Adapting to climate change in Mesoamerica

Published on 13 July 2011

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Start Date: 1 June 2009 | End Date: 31 May 2014


With the overall objective of helping smallholder coffee farmers in Central America and Mexico adapt to the impacts of climate change, the specific activities of this project include:

  • Predict the future suitability and distribution of GMCR coffee sourcing areas.
  • Evaluate possible impacts of climate change on coffee quality and quantity.
  • Identify alternative crops suitable under predicted climate change scenarios for key regions.
  • Evaluate the implications of changes in coffee quality and quantity in three case study sites on social parameters (income, poverty, equity etc).
  • Accompany farmer organizations and engage with supply chain actors to design adequate adaptation scenarios.

Donor: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)

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