Climate Adpatation Program in Bangladesh

Published on 5 May 2010

Research Areas

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Start Date: 1 January 2010 | End Date: 1 January 2011


Project: 1. Cropping Systems research (with IRRI and CiMMYT?) in coastal bangladesh. Increasing salinity and cyclones in SW Bdesh require changes in the cropping systems in the region.  Specific opportunities exist for shrimp farming for small farmers in high saline periods as well as freshwater prawns, fish and vegetables in other periods.  Need for quick returns and fast growing species to limit risk.   The use of saline resistent and drought tolerant crops in these areas with limited fresh water.

2. Pond-Veg systems in drought prone areas.  Many areas ponds are the only source of freswater for both domestic and livestock- improve use of ponds for income and nutrition.

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