Capacity Strengthening through Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support for Agricultural Development in Mozambique [Moz-SAKSS]

Published on 5 March 2010

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Start Date: 1 November 2008 | End Date: 28 February 2012


Strengthening the Capacity of MINAG (ICRISAT, IWMI, IFPRI) – This is a three-year (2009-2012) capacity strengthening programme funded by Sida with the overall objective strengthening of the capacity of national institutions, in particular MINAG/Directorate of Economics, in strategic analysis and knowledge support so that it is able to effectively identify, coordinate and support the planning and implementation of agriculture and rural development strategies. This programme has five result-areas: Result 1: Strengthened MINAG agricultural statistics and information system – covering • Analysis of Public sector spending and investment allocations for agriculture • Agricultural Sector Performance Trends • Analysis of Outcomes – in terms of poverty reduction and food security Result 2: Reinforced MINAG/DE policy analysis and strategic planning capacity – covering • Economy-wide growth, investment and policy analysis, and • Special studies on key emerging policy issues Result 3: Improved MINAG knowledge and information sharing, including at farmer level – covering • establishing a knowledge sharing and policy dialogue platform on key policy issues • transforming research generated knowledge into useful outreach materials • Developing databases and website Result 4: Reinforced flow of knowledge and information at regional level • contributing to the regional sharing of knowledge and information through an interactive internet and web-based platform on relevant experiences and ongoing studies • promoting and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences with other similar programmes in neighboring countries Result 5: Improved skills and increased reliance on domestic inputs – covering • capacity strengthening of MINAG to undertake quality data analysis using a range of application tools developed or used through short term tailored courses IWMI is the lead implementer for Result Area 1. IFPRI and ICRISAT are leading the implementation of the other four Result Areas.

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