Capacity Strengthening through Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support for Agricultural Development in Mozambique (Moz-SAKSS)

Published on 7 July 2010

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Start Date: 1 November 2008 | End Date: 28 February 2012


The Mozambique SAKSS programme shall be country-driven and country-owned with the overall objective of contributing to the strengthening the capacity of national institutions, in particular MINAG/DE in strategic analysis and knowledge support so that it is effectively able to identify, coordinate and support the planning and implementation of agriculture and rural development strategies. It is recommended in this proposal that a national steering committee is established to guide the programme in ways that address the needs of Mozambicans and their development partners.

Through a partnership with MINAG and other in-country partners (both public and private), the programme will help provide strategic analysis to help fill knowledge gaps and undertake synthesis of existing knowledge and information in order to directly inform current and future policy and investment options for agriculture in Mozambique. Through this process, the programme is expected to not only contribute to strengthening local capacity to undertake such work in the future but to also help promote a think tank culture within national systems—ultimately strengthening the country’s reliance on research-based evidence during national dialogues and decision making.

The policy research and analysis, therefore, goes hand in hand with the capacity strengthening goals of the Moz-SAKSS programme. By organizing capacity strengthening activities of the programme with actual policy research and analysis, sufficient demand for the evidence generated—together with the capacity for generating it in the future—will only further its relevance among policy makers. Moreover, by further promoting a think tank culture within national systems, this should help increase the demand for longer term capacity building efforts in the country

The goal is not to strengthen local human and institutional capacity for data and policy analysis as an end in itself, but to integrate this as part of a broader objective of promoting awareness for the importance of relying on research evidence and analysis during dialogue and decision making. This implies that any research and analysis undertaken will be done so in close collaboration and partnership with local counterparts from MINAG, the university, other government agencies, and private sector

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  1. Jan Beniest says:

    • Was or is there any collaboration in the area of capacity strengthening between the Lead Centre and the Partner Centre(s)?
    • If so, can you briefly describe this collaboration and highlight the drivers of success or failure of such collaboration?
    • If not, would it have been beneficial to collaborate in this area and how can/could that best be achieved?

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