Breeding Chickpea for Drought Tolerance and Disease Resistance

Published on 28 July 2011

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Start Date: 1 May 2007 | End Date: 30 June 2013


This project will use genetic and agronomic manipulation to enhance production and productivity of chickpea. It will attempt to develop efficient and reliable field and laboratory screening techniques for the evaluation of germplasm and breeding materials for biotic and abiotic stresses, understand their genetic bases, and develop efficient and high yielding cultivars with combined resistances to these stresses through conventional and molecular breeding approaches. The results of this project will be shared with WANA NARES institutions and in areas with similar environments in Australia. It will be conducted with ICARDA, GRDC, and in collaboration with selected NARES institutions

4 Responses to “Breeding Chickpea for Drought Tolerance and Disease Resistance”

  1. Anna Schoettle says:

    Have you found disease resistance to be associated with drought tolerance?

  2. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor, PSO, AZRI, DIKhan (KPK) Pakistan says:

    Have you got facility of rainout shelter in Pakistan for testing of chickpea drought tollerent lines.

  3. Rehab says:

    Where is this project in Egypt, and who is work with you in chickpea from Egypt? thanks.

  4. Dr. C. Bharadwaj says:

    Is India not included in this programme?

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