Bio-energy, sustainability and trade-offs: Can we aviod deforestation while promoting bio-energy?

Published on 10 February 2011

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Start Date: 27 September 2008 | End Date: 26 September 2012


The objective of this project is that To contribute to sustainable bioenergy development for the benefit of local people in developing countries, while minimising negative impacts on local environment and rural livelihoods, and contributing to global climate change mitigation. This will be achieved by producing and communicating relevant policy analyses about the effects of biofuels on forests and livelihoods for governments, and corporate and civil society decision making bodies.

The two primary impacts expected from this project are:

  1. Local people in developing countries are benefiting from sustainable bioenergy development, planned and carried out in such a way that it minimises negative impacts on local livelihoods and the environment, and contributes to local income generation, livelihood improvement and to global climate change mitigation.
  2. National governments, civil society organisations and corporations in developing and developed countries having and are using better knowledge, information and tools for designing policies and programmes for sustainable forest-based bioenergy development


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One Response to “Bio-energy, sustainability and trade-offs: Can we aviod deforestation while promoting bio-energy?”

  1. Dear Sir,

    The French Development Agency based in Phnom Penh is currently gathering information on the Bio-Energy sector in Cambodia.
    I would be glad to to talk with the authors of this report to share their conclusions.
    Please contact me as soon as posible.

    Thomas Dufour
    AFD Cambodia

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