Basal root architecture and drought tolerance in common bean

Published on 13 May 2011

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Start Date: 1 January 2008 | End Date: 31 October 2011


Beans have many different classes of roots. Basal roots are those which originate at the crown, and can vary widely in number. The project is designed to test if basal roots give plasticity to the plant to explore shallow soil strata for plant nutrients, and simultaneously to explore lower strata for moisture. The outcome will assist in the development of germplasm that is tolerant to low levels of soil phosphorus as well as to drought.


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2 Responses to “Basal root architecture and drought tolerance in common bean”

  1. Interesting. really useful information and very good map

  2. Daiana Alves says:

    I’am a phD student in Brazil, also working with roots and I would like to recieve the publications about the basal roots with drought tolerance.

    Thanks a lot!


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