Analysis of climate change vulnerability of four watersheds of the Water for Life Fund

Published on 29 November 2011

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Start Date: 23 June 2010 | End Date: 30 January 2011


The purpose of this project is to develop an analysis of vulnerability to climate change scenarios involving four watersheds involved in the Water for Life Fund, to serve as input to develop adaptation strategies to climate change for nine water catchments in the department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. These include Tulua-Morales, Nima, Amaime, Bolo, Desbaratado, Frayle, Guabas, Palo and Zabaletas.

Spanish Version:

Desarrollar un análisis de vulnerabilidad frente a escenarios de cambio climático de cuatro cuencas involucradas en el fondo agua por la Vida, que sirva como insumo para desarrollar estrategias de adaptación de cambio climático para las 9 cuencas de influencia de Agua por la Vida: Tuluá-Morales, Nima, Amaime, Bolo, Desbaratado,Frayle, Guabas, Palo y Zabaletas.


Donor: The Nature Conservancy


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