Agroforestry Guidelines for National Policy and Decision Makers – Sustainable Forest Management in a Changing Climate

Published on 4 July 2011

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Start Date: 12 May 2011 | End Date: 31 January 2012


The purpose of this project is to contribute to the collection of information at national and international level and participate in the formulation and peer review of agroforestry guidelines for National Policy and Decision Makers with special attention to Africa and Asia.

Specific activities to be undertaken are as follows:
1. Collect and analyse “information on Agroforestry Policy and Decision Making” in general for Africa and Asia, specifically in Brazil, Cameroon, China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Philippines, Tanzania and Zambia

2.Carry out and report on “Intervoes” among at least 10 policy and decsion making specialists related to agroforestry in India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Peru and Zambia

3. Carry out at least 4 “National Case Studies” in India, Indonesia, Kenya and Malawi and if possible, China and Brazil too

4. Provide advice to FAO for the 2 National Case Studies in Tanzania and Zambia
5. “Peer review the draft guidelines” to be formulated by the international consultant in line with the peer review process

6. Produce 2 policy briefs on the case studies realized to be distributed by ICRAF and FAO through existing research and development newsletters, journals and networks

7. Participate in the Institutional collaborative task force through virtual communications, when needed and when requested by FAO



3 Responses to “Agroforestry Guidelines for National Policy and Decision Makers – Sustainable Forest Management in a Changing Climate”

  1. Kolakaluri SriKiran says:

    There is an urgent need in the developing and under developed nations to restore green cover in their countries.And there is a need for a common policy that can be applied to all these countries.

    With Global warming , changes in Climate the policy framed should not be confined to archives but be implemented .

  2. Sara Feldbauer says:

    my name is Sara Feldbauer and I am a german student of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Uiversity in Munich. I have to write a work about agroforestry in Mt. Banahwa in the Philippines and have to find out if the social ecological system framework is useful for this region. So do you have any information and datas about this subject?
    Thanks and best wishes,
    Sara Feldbauer

  3. Mulu says:

    I need documents of Agroforestry in Ethiopia

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