Agriculture Forestry Land Use Design Team (AFOLU-DT)

Published on 14 February 2010

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Start Date: 23 December 2008 | End Date: 22 July 2009


An important part of ICRAF’s core mission in its work with the Carbon and Poverty Reduction work of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI -CPR) is to help ensure the success of the large scale prototype demonstration projects that the CCI-CPR will facilitate with its Carbon Measurement Collaborative (CMC); in a group of select countries.

Under the leadership and guidance of the CCI-CPR; ICRAF as leader of the Agriculture Forestry Land Use Design Team (AFOLU-DT); will work with host governments and other organizations to help ensure that the prototype projects are scientifically and economically sound. The AFOLU-DT will help in the creation of the full range of land use biosequestration projects selected by project developers; including avoided deforestation; aforestation, reforestation; agroforestry ; and other agricultural and rangeland components; partnering with organizations with complementary skill sets as necessary.

In this project, The AFOLU-DT will work directly with CCI country teams in priority target countries; Tanzania; Kenya; Cambodia; .Indonesia; Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Guyana, to help them to design and implement projects or improve on existing projects. This will be accomplished by selecting the appropriate support and communication modalities including; electronic means, and site visits as well as on-going collaboration by designated ICRAF personnel.

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