Agricultural Training for Iraqis

Published on 27 June 2011

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Start Date: 1 June 2010 | End Date: 30 June 2013


In an effort to support human capacity development in the agricultural sector of Iraq, a set of training programs for research scientists and technical  managers from the national agricultural research system in Iraq will take place along the following thematic areas: 1 Water Management for Improved water Use Efficiency in the dry Areas (4 weeks) 2-Individual on the -job training on Biotechnology Application in Crop Improvement  (16weeks)3-Integrate crop and livestock production(3 weeks)4-Indifidual on the job training on Integrate crop and livestock production(16 weeks).

2 Responses to “Agricultural Training for Iraqis”

  1. Alaa Eadan Hasan says:

    how to submit to this training

  2. susan says:

    please can you send me any information about climate changes and it’s effects on agricultural and food production in Iraq and how we can adapt this sector to the dramatic changes in climate with presence of soil desalination

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