AFS-4-FOOD Enhancing Food Security and Well-being of Rural African Households through Improved Synergy between Agro-Forestry Systems and Food Crops

Published on 8 February 2013

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Start Date: 5 April 2012 | End Date: 4 April 2015


The overall objective of the project is to enhance food security and wellbeing of rural African households through improved synergy between foodcrops and perennial agroforestry systems (AFS) via a participatory research approach and an intra-regional scientific collaboration network.

The specific objectives are to:

– Analyse the main drivers that have transformed farming systems (foodcrop and AFS) to identify the more resilient ones likely to withstand future hazards.
– Assess the contribution of AFS to food security and resilience at plot, farm, and landscape levels.
– Identify pathways that better conciliate production with provision of environmental services for rural poverty alleviation.
– Consolidate African research capacities and scientific network in tropical agroforestry.

Main Activities:

1. Management and dissemination of results and recommendations.
2. Characterisation of farming systems and identification of long term
drivers at household and landscape levels.
3. Assessment of synergies between AFS and food-crops at plot, farm,
and landscape levels for productivity and environmental services.
4. Characterization of the AFS main-crop quality for potential value
addition to the farmers’ incomes.

Project outputs

1. Productive and Environmental Interactions between AFS and food Crops at plot, farm, and landscape levels

2. Pathways to improve synergies between AFS and food crops at plot level


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