African Weeds of Rice [Afroweeds]

Published on 12 May 2010

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Start Date: 19 October 2009 | End Date: 19 October 2012


The project aims to contribute to enhancing the productivity of rice-cropping systems and help improve food security in SSA. The project aims at creating a first network of West and East-African and European partners interested in sharing their knowledge in applied computer science for agriculture, and of the preparation of a knowledge base for identifying and controlling the major weeds of rice. Major project output will be a knowledge database and an identification tool for the West and East-African weeds of rice. It will contain species descriptions, control measures and a weed species identification system published on CD-ROM and through an (open-access) online web application. The project will also will result in new expertise in weed assessment and skilled personnel in weed identification for a better control.

Research Partners

  • NARI - National Agricultural Research Institute
  • NARS


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2 Responses to “African Weeds of Rice [Afroweeds]”

  1. How do I control Santoria sp. in Morocco in a cereal rotation wit legumes. Dana Herron

  2. What controls exist for Orobanche in a two year bean rotation with wheat in Morocco.

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