Access to differentiated coffee markets

Published on 14 September 2012

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Start Date: 28 July 2011 | End Date: 28 March 2012


This projects has six main objectives:

  • Generate climate change data for the short and long terms and different scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Predict future availability of coffee-growing areas
  • Assess the impact of climate change on coffee quality and production
  • Identify alternative crops under foreseen climate change scenarios
  • Evaluate the effects of climate change under socio-economic parameters
  • Design adaptation strategies for the coffee-growing sector


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2 Responses to “Access to differentiated coffee markets”

  1. Celia Marsh says:

    Have the results of this research been made public?

    Many thanks

    Celia Marsh

  2. Lead us to the results and publications of this project, thanks

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