Accelerating seed multiplication to combat the threat of stem rust in wheat

Published on 3 February 2010

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Start Date: 1 August 2008 | End Date: 30 September 2011


To ensure fast replacement of existing commercial varieties that are vulnerable to new races of stem rust by minimizing the time from the identification of potential varieties to their availability in farmers’ fields through accelerated seed multiplication and dissemination of new rust resistant varieties working with NARS, national seed programs and farmers.


The project focus on four key components which should run simultaneously to ensure the success, including:

· Identifying Ug99 and major rust resistant varieties in respective countries

· Fast-track release of resistant varieties through dialogue with partners

· Popularization and promotion of resistant varieties with farmers

· Accelerated seed multiplication of promising lines (pre-release) and released varieties (large-scale) for distribution to farmers

· Targeted small-pack seed distribution of released varieties to small-scale farmers


Output 1:  Accelerated pre-release seed multiplication (breeder, pre-basic & basic) of promising varieties

Output 2:  Accelerated large-scale certified seed multiplication of released varieties

Output 3:  Accelerated targeted small-pack distribution of released varieties

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