Accelerating Progress Towards the Poverty MDG by Maximizing the Impact of Social Services Expenditures on Agricultural Labor Productivity and Incomes in African Countries

Published on 26 May 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2010 | End Date: 31 December 2012


The overall goal of the proposed project is to improve the understanding among decision makers of the conditions under which public expenditures on social services can yield the highest impact on labor productivity and incomes in rural areas and, thereby, help accelerate the achievement of the MDG1 poverty target in a larger number of countries. More specifically, the purpose is to identify practical strategies and policy options that would help managers and technical staff of service delivery agencies in the study countries to effectively manage the synergies between social services and productive investments in agriculture and, thus, improve the management of public expenditures such as to raise the chances of meeting the income growth and social needs of their populations. The related objectives are to find answers to the following, underlying strategic questions: a) how can the long-term growth impact of public expenditures be maximized, while meeting the short term social services needs of poor people to the fullest possible; b) how can the synergies between social services and productive investments in agriculture and the rural areas be maximized in the short and long run; c) how can countries fully exploit the growth externalities of investments in social services; and d) how can governments and their ministries be guided to improve the consideration of inter-sectoral growth synergies in budget planning and negotiations.

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