A Sahelian Regional Workshop on “Moving Beyond Forestry Laws” through collective learning and action

Published on 22 January 2010

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Start Date: 1 April 2009 | End Date: 30 October 2009


The Sahelian regional policy workshop is aimed at moving beyond forestry laws by using research results to review forestry laws and adopt co-managed for improved natural resource management and promoting collective learning and action among Sahelian governments and the broader research community.

This will not only provide a forum for collective action, but lay a strong foundation for enhanced natural resource management that will ultimately lead to poverty alleviation, food security and sustainability of natural resources.

This workshop is also expected to be a springboard for broader future collaborative research and capacity building among Sahelian countries as well as the research communities in Sahelian countries.

Specific workshop objectives includes inter alia:

1. Provide a forum for political decision makers, scientists, civil society and others operating in the Sahel and interested in the subject to share knowledge, lessons and experiences based on research in the state of forestry governance across different Sahelian countries;

2. Start off processes for reviewing or building on ongoing review initiatives of the forestry laws as well as jointly explore opportunities for enhancing dialogue and negotiations between local communities and foresters;

3. Identify best practices for knowledge-action based on ICRAF’s and partners’ research;

4. Identify best practices, methodologies and approaches to enhance evolution, recognition, formulation, adoption and integration of bylaws and/or local conventions into statutory texts for improved management of agroforests;

5. Share experiences on how to integrate community rights with decentralization in Sahelian countries;6. Develop and agree on a roadmap for reviews of the forestry laws and collective action among Sahelian countries; and

7. Work towards the development of a knowledge network for sharing lessons and experiences among communities and foresters across Sahelian countries.

As major outputs of the workshop, participants will be invited to contribute to:

1. A workshop proceedings and a special issue of a journal or a book;

2. A policy brief for circulation among policy shapers and decision makers;

3. Tools and approaches for forestry laws review;

4. A road map for reviews of the forestry laws and collective action among Sahelian countries; and

5. Follow-up and country specific facilitation of negotiations and policy reviews


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