A landscape approach to rainwater management in Ethiopia – on targeting and scaling out

Published on 1 January 2010

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Start Date: 1 March 2010 | End Date: 28 February 2011


This project focuses on targeting and out-scaling of rainwater managemengt strategies (RMS) throughout the Ethiopian Blue Nile.  It will engage from an early stage with researchers, implementers and policy makers in the region to harvest their knowledge, and tailor training, methodology development, final results and communication strategies to their needs.  Throughout the project life, we will work closely with national research institutes to  develop and implement a targeting methodology.  Different scenarios will be evaluated, recommendation domain maps produced and policy messages extracted.  Those actors more loosely engaged with the project will gain awareness of the benefits associated with targeting RMS to the social and ecological context and will be able to interpret and use the results of the project.  Within the regional research institutes we expect to see an increased capacity and positive attitude to use tools and approaches to better target and outscale RMS.

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