Nepal (7 projects)

Cereal System Initiative South Asia

Principal Investigator: Iain Wright
| Published on 29 May 2012

Cross-cutting M&E Functions and Knowledge Management for INRM within the MENARID Programme Framework

Principal Investigator: Aden Aw-Hassan
| Published on 27 June 2011

Programme for Harnessing the True Potential of legumes : Economic and Knowledge Empowerment of Poor Farmers in rainfed Areas in Asia

Principal Investigator: SN Nigam
| Published on 20 April 2011

Models for Implementing Multiple-Use Water Supply Systems for Enhanced Land and Water Productivity, Rural Livelihoods and Gender Equity – Multiple Use Systems (MUS)

Principal Investigator: Barbara Van Koppen
| Published on 5 August 2010

Preparing for an uncertain water future in Nepal through sustainable storage development

Principal Investigator: Luna Bharati
| Published on 24 April 2010

Improving Sustainability of Impacts of AWM Interventions in challenging Contexts

Principal Investigator: Katherine Snyder
| Published on 8 March 2010

Agricultural Science & Technology Indicators (ASTI) initiative

Principal Investigator: Nienke Beintema
| Published on 14 December 2009