Myanmar (6 projects)

Managin Water in Rainfed Agriculture: the Key to Food Security in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Principal Investigator: Rod Lefroy
| Published on 17 July 2012

Improving livelihoods of smallholder upland farmers through improved and integrated cassava-based cropping and livestock systems

Principal Investigator: Tin Maung Aye
| Published on 20 May 2011

Increasing food security and farmer livelihoods through enhanced legume cultivation in the central dry zone of Myanmar

Principal Investigator: G RangaRao
| Published on 24 April 2011

Improving farmer livelihoods and food security through enhanced legume productivity in India and Myanmar

Principal Investigator: G RangaRao
| Published on 20 April 2011

Enhancing grain legumes’ productivity, and production and the incomes of poor farmers in drought-prone areas of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

Principal Investigator: Tsedeke Abate
| Published on 2 July 2010

Agricultural Science & Technology Indicators (ASTI) initiative

Principal Investigator: Nienke Beintema
| Published on 14 December 2009