Ethiopia (124 projects)

Capacity building in Integrated River Basin Management for higher Education Institutes to support emerging River Basin Organizations

Principal Investigator: Seleshi Bekele
| Published on 13 November 2010

Strengthening capacities for community-based livestock health service delivery in Ghibe Valley, Ethiopia

Principal Investigator: Ranjitha Puskur
| Published on 9 November 2010

Improving productivity and market success of Ethiopian farmers (IPMS)

Principal Investigator: Dirk Hoekstra
| Published on 9 November 2010

Scaling-up ILRI/ReSAKSS knowledge management activities in support of USAID-EA and partners

Principal Investigator: Joseph Karugia
| Published on 9 November 2010

Quantitative genetic analysis of production traits to support breeding programs utilizing local chickens populations in Ethiopia

Principal Investigator: Tadelle Dessie
| Published on 9 November 2010

Optimizing livelihood and environmental benefits from crop residues in smallholder crop-livestock systems in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: regional case studies

Principal Investigator: Alan Duncan
| Published on 8 November 2010

Evaluation of commercial products for improving & sustaining crop yields in selected agro-ecological zones in Sub-Saharan Africa (COMPRO)

Principal Investigator: Didier Lesueur
| Published on 14 September 2010

Animal source foods and nutrition during early life: An evaluation of the possible link between livestock keeping, food intake and nutritional status of young children (6-18 months old) in resource-poor areas

Principal Investigator: Lena Davidsson
| Published on 11 September 2010

Strengthening the Capacity of the African Network for Soil Biology and Fertility (AfNet) for improved Soil Health in selected Intensification Zones in Sub-Saharan Africa

Principal Investigator: Saidou Koala
| Published on 10 September 2010

The Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA)

Principal Investigator: Jan Low
| Published on 2 September 2010