Costa Rica (12 projects)

Small Coffe Producers and Adaptive Options for a Changing Climate:The Risk and Challenges of certification for Ecosystem Services

Principal Investigator: Peter Laderach
| Published on 6 September 2013

Technology innovations for the integrated management of frogskin disease in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Alvarez
| Published on 2 October 2012

Creating the Latin American Soil Information System – First Phase

Principal Investigator: Aracely Castro
| Published on 2 October 2012

Spontaneous silvopastoral landscapes

Principal Investigator: Michael Peters
| Published on 20 June 2012

Agriculture for basic necessities A4N

Principal Investigator: Mark Lundy
| Published on 13 July 2011

Novel strategies to enhance nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in rice

Principal Investigator: Manabu Ishitani
| Published on 20 May 2011

Management of the mite-bacterium-fungus complex in Central America

Principal Investigator: Gloria Mosquera
| Published on 19 May 2011

Combating Hidden Hunger in Latin America: Biofortified Crops with Improved Vitamin A, Essential Minerals and Quality Protein

Principal Investigator: Helena Pachón
| Published on 13 May 2011

Cocoa productivity and quality improvement: A participatory approach – Phase II

Principal Investigator: Bertus Eskes
| Published on 22 June 2010

Post Doc project: Assessing the contribution of diversified Musa genetic resources to poverty reduction, environmental sustainability and gender equality in rural communities

Principal Investigator: Hildegard Garming
| Published on 22 June 2010