International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) (102 projects)

Health, environmental change and adaptive capacity: mapping, examining and anticipating future risks of water-related vector-borne diseases in eastern Africa

Principal Investigator: David Taylor
| Published on 18 May 2012

Improvement and diversification of Somali livestock trade and marketing

Principal Investigator: Amos Omore
| Published on 17 May 2012

Livestock and irrigation value chains for Ethiopian smallholders (LIVES)

Principal Investigator: Dirk Hoekstra
| Published on 16 May 2012

Safe Food, Fair Food 2: From capacity building to implementation

Principal Investigator: Delia Grace
| Published on 16 May 2012

Enhanced control of CBPP through the development of an inactivated vaccine – proof of concept

Principal Investigator: Jan Naessens
| Published on 20 January 2012

Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed intervention and value chain development approaches (MilkIT)

Principal Investigator: Alan Duncan
| Published on 11 January 2012

V2: Integrated management of rainwater for crop-livestock agroecosystems

Principal Investigator: Augustine Ayantunde
| Published on 6 December 2011

Learning the lessons of Rift Valley fever: Improved detection and mitigation of outbreaks

Principal Investigator: Jeff Mariner
| Published on 19 September 2011

A systematic review of zoonoses transmission and livestock-wildlife interactions

Principal Investigator: Delia Grace
| Published on 13 September 2011

Impact assessment study of the Nigeria avian influenza control and human pandemic preparedness and response project

Principal Investigator: Brian Perry
| Published on 31 March 2011