International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) (102 projects)

Surveillance and early-warning systems for climate-sensitive diseases in Vietnam and Laos

Principal Investigator: Hung Nguyen-Viet
| Published on 9 February 2015

mPig: Mobile SMS learning for pigs – An innovative information sharing platform for smallholder pig value chain actors in Uganda

Principal Investigator: Kristina Roesel
| Published on 6 February 2015

Addressing bovine tuberculosis at the human-animal interface and veterinary antibiotic use in smallholder peri-urban dairy farms in India to ensure safe and sustainable milk production

Principal Investigator: Manish Kakkar
| Published on 9 June 2014

What is killing my cow? Re-assessing diseases in smallholder dairying in Tanzania

Principal Investigator: Fred Unger
| Published on 17 October 2013

Innovative beef value chain development schemes in southern Africa

Principal Investigator: Saskia Hendrickx
| Published on 7 September 2013

Reducing vulnerability of Somali communities by raising the capacity of indigenous systems and enhancing market access and consumer welfare

Principal Investigator: Derek Baker
| Published on 7 September 2013

Developing a livestock traceability system for domestic and export markets in pastoral areas of eastern Africa

Principal Investigator: Bernard Bett
| Published on 22 July 2013

Competitive smallholder livestock in Botswana

Principal Investigator: Sirak Bahta
| Published on 30 October 2012

Livestock pest economic geography

Principal Investigator: Delia Grace
| Published on 10 September 2012

Epidemiology, ecology and socio-economics of disease emergence

Principal Investigator: Eric Fevre
| Published on 10 September 2012